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      Si and Shorty fixed up their fire again, rearranged46 their scattered cedar boughs, and did the best they could with their torn blankets."II ththought you did!" said Si, trembling as if he had the Wabash ague. "You said for us to load nine times. I thought nine loads would fill 'er chuck full and bust 'er and I didn't see any way but to shute 'em oft as fast as I got 'em in."

      Pen was too startled to be angry any more. A terribly dangerous situation faced her, and she needed all her wits with which to meet it.

      Light began to dawn upon Si, and he started back in terror at the thought of the mistake he had made."Look at his hair standin' up stiffer'n bristles on a boar's back."

      "Well, boys," he began with a shamefaced look, "I had the flamboyantest racket to-day I've had yit."The man got more scared than Abe. He began kickin & wrigglin & hollerin:



      Pen put this into the agreed place, and returned to the house, wondering how she would put in the hour and a half that remained before eleven. She determined to watch to see whether he came for the note. So she went up-stairs rather noisily, and came down again very quietly, carrying with her what she needed for her disguise.