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      The rider was almost thrown from his seat, but he pulled himself together and stuck on.

      Is it? said Esmeralda. I dare say it is, if you say so. I dont know anything about it; but I dare say I shall learn in time.

      He shook his head dully.Youll do, he said. I dont know what yer business is at Three Star, an I dont want to know, but Ill bet yerll carry it through! and he held out his paw.

      "Martin, have pity!"

      Not lately, said Varley. Get out of the light.


      Esmeralda trembled, and gripped the small, tightly corseted figure almost painfully. She could not speak for the lump that rose in her throat and threatened to choke her. She kissed the painted and powdered face twice, thrice, and Lady Wyndover did not shrink or avoid the art-destroying kiss.


      Yes, I know, he said; but Im not afraid of hard work. I should like to get a claim at your camphe glanced at her shylyor perhaps I could find something to do.